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Cycling the highest road in the world – North India

After one year of studies in Chennai, South India, we cycled during two month in Northern India with my friend François.

Our trip started with 38 hours of train between Chennai and Kolkata! Quite an experience ;-) And then the cycling part started with two weeks in the Sikkim region, East of Nepal. A wonderful area with incredible views on the Himalayan Mountains.

After a second train journey, we started the second part – level 2 ! Cycling from Manali to Leh (Ladakh) and then up to Srinagar (Kashmir). The road between Manali and Leh brought us through three passes at respectively 4880, 5065 et 5360 m above sea level ! The first pass was still closed because of snow. After discussion with the Indian Army soldiers working to prepare the road, we decided to walk through and carry our material – 7 hours of effort to reach the other side ! The reward was then 5 days without a car, without no vehicle on the road except our cycles !!!! Incredible feeling of being just 2 of us in the middle of the highest mountains in the world !

After reaching Leh, the capital of Ladakh, our road pointed to Kashmir. Again another culture after the Hindus and the Buddhists, we arrived by the Muslims. A wonderful trip through religions, cultures, languages and landscapes !

For more pictures and stories (in french), visit :

Also visit the blog of our next adventure with my girlfriend, 8 months of cycling from Lima to Cape Horn along the Andes, start in July :

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